A St. Patrick’s Day snowman is most fitting this year as a snowstorm left us with over 40 cm of snow. My city is still digging itself out! Weather notwithstanding, isn’t St. Patrick’s Day great? Green clothing can be seen far and wide, and people celebrate whether it is sunny and mild or snowing and -20°C. To me, St. Patrick’s Day represents laughter and celebration and most importantly: inclusion. Everyone and anyone can be Irish for the day!

Living a creative life is a priority for me. While it is easy to get lost in the randomness of everyday living, creative expression can help center us and reduce our stress levels. Nothing bugs me more than when someone says, “I’m not creative.” Everyone is creative! I think many people equate creativity with being an artist or being crafty. You don’t have to be either to be creative. Creativity is an inherent part of being human.