Each new cake design takes me on a unique artistic journey, but I most enjoy the process when the theme holds a special place in my heart. If you know me well, you know that I love dogs because … DOGS ARE AWESOME! Really, what’s there not to love? Dogs embody love, goodness, loyalty, they force you to exercise, and they won’t hog the remote. They will happily sit with you for hours on end while you recover from that nasty flu, and… Read more »

Go-To Chocolate Cake

Looking for an easy chocolate cake recipe that will garner rave reviews? Then read on for my Go-To Chocolate Cake recipe! Chocolate makes people happy, and not just because of its richness and delectability. It turns out that your sneaking-into-the-pantry-to-eat-just-one-more-piece-ok-make-it-two habit can be attributed to some pretty interesting chemical properties.

cupcake workshop

Confession time: I am deathly afraid of public speaking. So much so that when I was approached recently to run a cupcake workshop for a corporate group of 20 women, my first thought was ‘No way!’ The more I thought about it, however, the more I felt I should reconsider. How often do I have the undivided attention of an audience who is genuinely interested in what I have to say about cupcakes? I decided to seize the opportunity. I would… Read more »

Valentine's Day Cake

I am interrupting the Vanilla Cake Series to share a quick post about the Valentine’s Day cake I made for my family:     Being the only girl living in a home full of Nerf-gun-wielding boys, I welcome the chance to bring anything pretty and feminine into my world. Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity what with the flowers and hearts and chocolate-induced gastrointestinal distress we all have come to expect!

vanilla cake series part 2

This post is the second in my Vanilla Cake Series and will feature my favourite easy recipe from the Not-Quite Scratch category: the Double Take Cake. As explained in the first post in this series, Not-Quite Scratch refers to a recipe that gets a little help from a pudding mix or flavoured gelatin, but does not involve a boxed cake mix (here is a link to the first post in case you missed it).

Ah, icing. Our love affair started when I was six years old and I crept into the pantry early one morning to eat all of the icing off of a cake. That cake possessed the gravitational field equivalent to the sun to my six-year-old self. I stood no chance. Did I mention that it was my birthday cake?  As you can imagine, my mother was less than thrilled to have to contend with replacing a naked cake the day of a… Read more »

What makes a cake great? Individual preferences vary but in my experience, the biggest crowd pleaser tends to be a fluffy cake with a light, moist crumb. There seem to be two distinct camps when it comes to baking cakes: those who bake from scratch and those who prefer to use doctored box mixes. I will have a separate blog post all about this debate and where I stand. Regardless of which camp you rest in, you can use the… Read more »